Graphic Design

Experts in graphic design are responsible for creating visual concepts, either by hand or utilizing a computer software. The purpose for this is to communicate ideas that will inform, inspire and attract customers. They will develop the overall layout and production design for brochures, corporate reports, magazines and brochures.

Duties of Graphic Designers:

• Determine the scope of a project through a meeting with a client.
• Know what message the design should imitate or represent.
• Propose strategies that will reach a particular audience.
• Create images that will send a message or identify a product.
• Select images, color, text, style and layout.
• Show the design to the client.
• Incorporate the changes as recommended by the client for the final design.
• Review the designs for any errors before publishing, posting or printing them.

Graphic designers use different kinds of design elements to produce decorative and artistic effects. By combining art and technology, they’re able to disseminate ideas. Through the images and layouts of printed pages and website, they’re able to communicate with the chosen niche.

Graphic designers work with both text and images. Most of the time, they are the ones who will choose the type, font, color, size, length of the headlines and headings. They will even decide how to merge the pictures and words on the web page, including how much space it’ll use.

Graphic design is vital when it comes to sales and marketing the products, and in the brochures and logos as well. Also known as communication designers, they will work closely with the people who are in public relations, advertising, promotions and marketing.

When it comes to connecting with your potential customers, the graphic designers of Just Simply Enlocal are here to serve you. Since every business is unique, we make sure that our specialists will carefully listen to your needs. They will create designs that will match the style of your personality and the brand of your business.