Local Business SEO: Reasons You’re Not Getting Leads Even when You Rank

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Search engine optimization might be the new frontier of advertising, but for small businesses worldwide, it still has to prove itself worthy of the investment. The ultimate purposes of Internet marketing are lead conversion and user subscription, after all. Even if your website is in the top echelon of Google, in certain keyword searches, it doesn’t mean it will translate to sales.

Sales is a privilege you achieve when you reach an Internet marketing’s peak, and the truth is, ranking on Google is one thing, while increasing audience base is another. That said, Front page Google ranking, while essential in any SEO effort, isn’t the end-all of all things advertising.

In other words, your SEO efforts may make you well-liked by Google, but it won’t reflect how people perceive you and respond to your product, not to mention what they think about it in the long term. In order to make those rankings translate into real-life sales, here are some things you can modify:

Make your website feel approachable, friendly, and a place where your customers feel part of a community.

At the heart of user conversion is how customers perceive your brand. Ranking number 1 on Google when your website is rudimentary, cluttered, and generally ‘uncool’, audiences won’t stick to it. They will immediately jump to the next best alternative. Beautify your website, make it feel modern while meaning business too.

Know your demographics and appeal to them on the most organic level. For example, the website of certain coco-juice brands are looking at their audience as the hip, new-age, generation Y people, and that works on their side.

While there are many patrons of the product which in fact are older than the targeted demographics, they still feel like they belong. Building an environment that feels exactly like that is essential in keeping all your age-groups feel valued and validated.

Connect to them through the heart, not the product.

Every product have a purpose, and honing in on that as your corporate social responsibility is tantamount to making your audiences love you more. Fact is, people remember products and their impact on their lives, not the name of your website or your optimized keywords.

When your product has all the customer service backup it needs, people will get attached to it. At the basic level, build a connection between your products and your customers. In this way, the product itself will propel your Internet marketing onward to blowing up the Internet.

As much as possible, be active on social media.

One of the best ways to engage your audience is to be active on social media. Ask them and get asked right back. It’s the best way to get out there and make your brand present, existing and active.

A bit of precaution is necessary too. Social media ‘netizens’ can make or break your brand in an instant. These are tricky waters to navigate, and so you need to hire the best social media persons in order to pull off that feat.

Local SEO teams in your community will provide this expertise so you need to check them out. For example, when you’re in Perth, local marketing Perth teams could help you out.